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I am a trainer and motivational speaker on personal development, leadership and entrepreneurship. I am also an author of the popular book in swahili: Tabia 5 za Watu Waliofanikiwa (5 habits of successful people). I am also the founder and Managing Director of TrueMaisha Consultancy (A training and coaching consultancy company based in Dar es salaam Tanzania), I believe in human potential to determine his/her life success hence i love facilitating people empower their own potential.




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    Posted by: Erick Chrispin Posted date: 8:07 PM / comment : 0

    A human being will always live according to what he/she know, his/her knowledge is the determinant of his behavior and in case you do know, your behavior is nothing rather than your repeated and experienced actions you practice most of the time. Let me ask you a simple question; are you comfortable doing something you do know? I bet you are not. This only proves my above statement that you will always live according to what you know.

    But for the sake of our personal development we must take some steps to start living what we actually do know, and for us to have confidence doing it we just need a BELIEF that we are beyond what we know. This belief will trigger us to find knowledge of what we don't know so that we can be able to do it and change ourselves and life in general.

    Today I was in my meditation session, in case you don't  know the concept of meditation; this is a process of deepening your thoughts level for you to discover the inner you who controls everything outside you. Back to my session I could see how everything outside me is so minimal to control and command. I am above my body size, above my health, above my finance, above the world and fear is actually nothing before me, I couldn't even see it around. This is to say I am the highest power above my life and I can command whatever I want outside me.

    Meditation itself can maximize your confidence to do whatever you desire for it reveals your power and authority you have beyond what you know, it is the inner you. You will be able to discover that you are the spirit which is living within your body and it is bigger in power by far than your body. That is you and you can command your body to be the way you want it to be and your body will obviously respond and respect your command.

    Doing beyond what you know

    It is easy, for you to do it successfully take some steps of learning about it and practicing the knowledge you have got. Without practicing it there is no doing. That is why most of theory based students can’t do what they have learnt. Learn and don’t wait to do it and for you to be competent do it again and again for the repetition creates a behavior and the behavior becomes you.


    Your development is always; living beyond what you know, always be creative by being curious to know new things through learning by doing, I mean practicing the new things you always learn. Learning is in reading books, evaluating your daily routines and drawing lessons out of, listening to other people’s new experience etc. take an advantage of all these ways and leverage your inner power and potential to change your life and do beyond what you know.

    This is what I have for you today.

    All the best!

    From Erick Chrispin.  

    “I dedicate this article to my brother Nicodemus Kilungeja”

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