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I am a trainer and motivational speaker on personal development, leadership and entrepreneurship. I am also an author of the popular book in swahili: Tabia 5 za Watu Waliofanikiwa (5 habits of successful people). I am also the founder and Managing Director of TrueMaisha Consultancy (A training and coaching consultancy company based in Dar es salaam Tanzania), I believe in human potential to determine his/her life success hence i love facilitating people empower their own potential.




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    Why you must attend this retreat?

    After a long time of struggle at TrueMaisha Consultancy we discovered that our energy at work is so down and some of us were stressed and frustrated with our own life hence our success kept going down day in day out as we kept on not finding a solution to the challenge. I personally decided to research whether this was also a challenge to other people out there and I discovered many people are facing the same and more.

    Some felt stuck; stuck in their job, a relationship or a life that is not serving them, they wanted to take their life to the next level, they were real searching for their life purpose and they were ready to move into who they really are. This informed me that it was a problem to many people in our society I had to find a solution since I am professionally a psychologist. I had to organize a retreat which enabled me to see the purpose of my life; I evaluated myself from the past and got a chance to see my bright future life and destiny. I experienced more love, abundance and joyful aliveness.  The frustrations went off and energy risen up since I had a new vision around my personal life and business. This retreat had to be replicated to our team and changed everyone’s life from which performance and production increased at work.

    Since then we came up with BACK TO LIFE RETREAT.

    We want many people to succeed in life by unleashing their potential in this retreat. This time we are organizing a Back to Life Youth retreat to be held in Dar es Salaam Tanzania from 21st to 23rd December 2014. We have chosen to conduct it at the end of this year so that you start your new year 2015 as a new person with new strategies to improve your life. Most of us jump into another year the same as we were last year and we wonder why we are kind the same every year. It is due to the fact that while we evaluate and make new strategic plans for our business and organizations we forget to do the same thing to ourselves and we wonder why we are not achieving the plan we made for our business or organization at the end of next year.

    Back to life youth retreat will;

    Enable your mind relax and deeply meditate about your life destiny. We have chosen a quite place where you will be able to reflect and redesign the life you want to live. Under our coach you will be able to come up with new behavioral change strategy plus new goals and projects to be accomplished next year (2015) for you to succeed in life. It is a wonderful and fruitful holiday where you are going to meet new people who will be your mastermind in future, off usual routines including your mobile phone noise for three days consecutively will surely transform your whole life. In these three days you will be accommodated full board in the well prepared house.

    Please don’t wait SIGN UP for this retreat by clicking this link: http://truemaisha.com/2014/10/17/back-to-life-youth-retreat-application-form/ or call +255 653 808 032 now for more clarification. You can also share with many other people about this retreat, we only have 20 seats.

    Looking forward having you on board.

    Erick Chrispin

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